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You would be well advised to fully read every page before clicking the link at the bottom

This area will help you find a WBC Team to join for Next Year

Please note that every Year the list of Teams grows longer and longer so there is no Guarantee your Team will be

able to get as many places as a Team requests Normally the WBC will either give a full allocation for the less

popular events but will cut back numbers for the more popular events

Although not written in stone the more experienced a Team is the higher their allocation will be

Teams that also place Bids for Most events are more likely to to also get a higher allocation

Please Appreciate that your Organiser has to place Bids by a certain ' deadline ' so they may be Bidding Six Months

in Advance and of course they are expected to fulfil their Bid in ' Full ' otherwise the WBC will reduce a Teams

allocation by Double the shortfall so it is Vital that Team Members are ' Dependable '

The WBC will drop any Team that is not dependable over the whole Season and there is No Appeal Procedure

It is for this Reason that Organiser's are very reluctant to Recruit New Volunteers

Most people on my Team has been working with me for well over Fifteen Years     Click here for more Info