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What is Birmingham City Students Union Workers Beer Company Team ?   BCSU  WBC Team is a Official Workers Beer Company Team .

I am not in Birmingham City Students Union can I join BCSU  WBC Team ?   Yes If you can be Sponsored by a person who is already a Team Member - its quicker if you contact them first and they will contact me.

I am in Birmingham City Students Union where/when can I join BCSU  WBC Team ?    Note our 2015 Team is already Fixed so we will not be taking anyone else on in 2015 }

You can contact me direct or speak to Michael Gale { Commercial & Finance Officer BCSU } but you will get the same answer ' as we just don't need any new recruits/

Only people who can be trusted and are Dependable will be accepted. Note even if you pass the Interview there is no Guarantee you will be allocated places at every event that you wish to Volunteer at.

Why cant you Guarantee places ?   At the start of the year the WBC sends out a Provisional List and each event will have a deadline. There may be more teams biding than can be used so there is no guarantee everyone will be placed. Normally the WBC will either give a full allocation or they may cut back numbers

If the WBC Cuts back numbers who decides who should work ?   The Official Organiser has the Final word as to who works where. In practice the more events your willing to do the better your chances will be.

Why do you only list a ' Provisional ' Calendar ?   The WBC sends out a ' Provisional ' Calendar but later in the Year they will send out a ' Final ' Calendar and at that time the Calendar will be Changed - everyone who is already on the Team will have been sent a Calendar.

What benefits will I receive if I do Volunteer for the Team ?   Apart from a free ticket into the event at many events there will be ' Secure Camping ' { with excellent facilities } - Subsidized Bar/Food if its a weekend event.

Do I have a choice as to the Shift Times ?   No - It is Important that you do not miss any shift - The WBC has Very Strict Rules and all it takes is a few people on the Team who are not dependable and all of a sudden the WBC will bar everyone. Yes this may appear to be unfair but its impossible to run large bars without Dependable Staff . If you have any doubts then really you would be best not to Join.

Why is the deadline Months before a event ?   You should only bid for a place if you are a 100% certain that you can make it . If you are not Dependable Its your Teams Mates who will suffer by your actions.

Hang on the 2015 Festival season has not even started yet but its already closed ?   Its like this every year { and I have been doing it 26 years and its always been the same } - I plan a year ahead so that I don't get caught out by Deadlines - I know how many places I will be after - from time to time we will slip in new people but I already know I will not be needing anyone new for 2015.