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You would be well advised to fully read Each page before clicking the link at the bottom

The Following pages will give you a step by step guide as to how to Join a WBC Team { officially its called a Group and there may be one or more Teams in a Group - to save messing about I will stick to the more common usage - Team }

On the last page you will find a full list of all the Official Workers Beer Company Team's for 2019

Please appreciate that because of the way the WBC works it is important that you contact a Team in the Winter -

if you wait until the Season starts { bid deadline will be around March/April 2019 } you will find it impossible to join any Team.

The WBC has very strict rules over registration and no one can be added after the deadline.

As a New Volunteer even if you are lucky to find a Team you need to appreciate that if you are Unwilling to work at many events then its very unlikely you will be placed at very Popular events such as Glastonbury and Reading.

A team works best if its the same Members of the Team working every event but sometimes that is not possible.

The Key person in any Team is the Organiser and they have full Control over who works and when.

By the way Most Organiser's are also Team Leaders but some are not so it is important to work out who is who.

Most Organisers are reluctant to take on a Complete Stranger so you should really have some Connection to the Team you wish to join either though your connection to a person already on the Team or via your Trade union .

The best route is to ask a friend to Sponsor you

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