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You would be well advised to fully read this page before clicking the link at the bottom

I am assuming that you have read the previous pages - On the next page you will find the full list -

Most Team's will not have a specific web site just for the WBC team so this is just a starting point

Once you reach the site check to see if they have a link to their specific Team - if so all well and good

If Not you will find a e-mail address and you can make a enquiry using that.

Your e-mail you should address it to The Official Organiser for the Workers Beer Company Team

Very Important Do this in the Winter - if you wait until the current season starts you stand ' No Chance '

Give as much detail as possible - If you just write ' I want to work at festivals ' you will not get a reply

So its full Name - Address - Age { 18 or over } - Your Bar experience if any - Your volunteer experience if any.

You stand a Good chance if you have a connection to the Team - for example you are already a Member of

a Trade union - You should Clearly point this out right from the start and give your Membership number

A Team/Group will only take on new Recruits if they will be a asset so its really up to you to sell yourself

if your connection is a Trade Union they may ask for Reference's from Your Employer

All they are interested in is that you are a Dependable Trustworthy Honest Person

Click here for a full list of Official Workers Beer Company Team's