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You would be well advised to fully read every page before clicking the link at the bottom

This area will help you find a WBC Team to join for Next Year

Although the best route is to ask a friend to Sponsor you who is already on the Team yon need to really think

about this because your action's will reflect on the person who Sponsored You and if you for whatever reason

cause Problems this will kick back on the person who Sponsored You.

Most New Volunteer's do not appreciate how important it is to show up ' On Time ' and if a person is a bad time

keeper they will soon be dropped from the Team.

Some New Volunteer's will join a Team with no intention of working at all and they will soon discover that not only

can they be barred for Good they also stand a very good chance of being evicted from the Festival.

Some People will Claim Illness and then are spotted watching the Bands and in that case they will be kicked out

Working at events is not as bad as it sounds otherwise I would not still be doing it for the past Twenty + years

but there is always going to be some times when you have to work while your favourite Band is playing

If you find this a major problem then do not Volunteer in the first place.    Click here for more Info