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2009 was a strange year as I was being treated for Prostate Cancer so due to the side effects of the Hormone implants prior to Radiotherapy { I can overheat very quickly and blackout within minuets } I was not able to work at every event and neither could I work in any Public bar as I had to be close to a shower so this restricted me to weekend events where the WBC has its own campsite so the WBC Office agreed that at each event I would work in the Village Bar { which is attached to the WBC Campsite } which is only open to staff and stays open very late each night.

In the end I worked Glastonbury - Latitude and Reading and while I was stable at Glastonbury and Latitude I did overheat on the last night at Reading which was the end of the season party so the Bar was packed and very busy so I had to end the shift one hour early { by sods law we were working the late shift } but the rest of the Team was able to continue on although I think they were shocked how quickly it came on as I did appear normal a few seconds before it. Lucky enough we were working in the Clubhouse attached to the camp so it had its own freezer so I was able to grab some ice so I quickly cooled down.

As the Team was working in the Village Bar at each event this did mean we had to work the late shifts - ending at 3 am and some nights 4 am but we were able to shift the Team at Reading so at least part of the time they could work a day shift in a normal bar while I worked the late shift in the Village.

Although the Team has worked in the Village Bar before this was the first year we did it at every event and it made a change from the normal bars.

Its thanks to the WBC Office as I would never have risked working in any normal bar and its likely that the side effects will continue in 2010/2011 but all tests so far indicate the treatment worked but I will not get the all clear for a few years { its a team of endless tests and scans just to make sure I don't have a relapse }

Click here for some rough images from Glastonbury 2009

2010/2011 was a repeat of 2009 as the side effects lingered on so worked exclusively in the Village Bar while the rest of the Team worked in other bars.

Click here for some images from 2010/11

2012 was a wet year and a muddy one as well - I had planned to work at the Olympics as the WBC ran a bar at a overspill park but due to its location I really could not see how I could make the shifts as it meant taking three buses in each direction - the WBC did try to get Hyde park but they allocated a overspill park near the Olympic stadium instead.

Click here for some images from 2012