I have been a WBC volunteer for over 29 years so I don't need any of these links but if I was hunting for volunteer work I would start looking at the start of January

As these are external sites they tend to change the link each year so its only a starting point { links will be updated at end of year } - so don't get put off if you find a dead link - do a search on their site and ' if its the right time ' you should find it { some only have the links up for a week or so } - if you cant find a link then send them a e-mail and ask where it is - trust me that if they are looking for volunteers they will get back to you quickly

Note that most organisations run a waiting list so its best to check each page as they have a separate e-mail address for late applications.
Shelter supply volunteers for some of the small bars at Glasto - you will have to e-mail them and you may at first get ' we don't know what your talking about ' but stick with it as I know for a fact that they do and I have friends who work for ' Avalon ' and they do take on about 200 volunteers and have done so in recent years - so you may have to contact them a few times as someone will know that they do. { The WBC runs the larger ones - you have to be quick with this one }      Shelter bar work
 EJF      ejfoundation bar volunteers
  also has a waiting list you can join to work the small bars at Glasto they also will have to be contacted by e-mail - they also supply about 120 volunteers who work in the bars run by ' Avalon ' http://avaloneventswholesale.co.uk/ - its only a holding page just now but I know the people who run it and they run their bars with volunteers from Shelter and EJF.

Oxfam provide entrance gate stewards.Oxfam recruits its stewards primarily from past stewards and Oxfam supporters.
oxfam stewarding
below employ car parking staff between the Sunday before the Festival until the Monday after the Festival staff are required to work a minimum of four 12 hour shifts
employ staff to assist with running the campervan and caravan fields. They also supply checkers at vehicle gates     http://www.dcsiteservices.com/
provide stewards to man the pedestrian and vehicle gates in 8 hour shifts - work is paid.     http://www.stuartsecurity.co. uk/events_festivals.html

recruit stewards to work before,after and during the Festival.    http://www.oasiscarnival.co.uk/glast onbury.php
recruit for stewards and coach park workers.    http://www.festivelizards.co.uk/

if you have never been crew before the odds are you have never heard the name Orange Catering they take on volunteers who have to be at least 16 { double check before applying } http://orangefestivalfood.co.uk/about/

 --------- end of Glasto list ------- For latitude and Reading you can apply to be a camp site assistant - CAT     

 For various jobs at Festivals { including Glasto } also check out      Festaff jobs at festivals
{ sorry all my places are already full for 2019 }     brian